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Almost everyone needs a Weekly Planner. The business person finds it extremely important as it allows them to keep a track of weekly appointments and meetings. The housewife also finds it quite useful as she can keep a track of all the errands that have to be done and the bills that have to be paid as well as any medical or other appointments that the family may have.                               
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Your child will love this Color Me Silly coloring book for kids. Filled with a variety of images for the young artist to color, this book is suitable for ages 2 and up.   

Arnie the Armadillo lived in a vast, open area of plains and desert and cattle and cowboys.  The only thing Arnie much thought about was how much he loved his home and his friends. It was Arnie’s birthday! He had a party planned for later that day, and his friends were coming by his home later on. 
Early Reader                           
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The Jacy's Search for Jesus Series
These beautifully illustrated children’s book introduces us to Jacy, a baby eagle who has been separated from his mother in a terrible thunderstorm. The storm takes him to a different side of the forest that is unfamiliar to him. Always safe under his mother’s watchful eye, what is Jacy to do now? To add to his troubles, he can’t fly. He’s scared and all alone. His mother always told him if ever they became separated, look for Jesus. Jesus will never leave you and take care of you remains foremost in Jacy’s thoughts. As he starts back to the other side of the forest to find his mother and Jesus, he meets friends along the way. They attempt to point him in the right direction, but most have never even heard of Jesus, or know very little about Him. Children and parents alike will fall in love with Jacy as they take this journey with him.                                                                  $30.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Enjoy the Series Now!!!

Coloring is Fun is for everyone. This coloring and activity book offers a variety of images for children to color, and the activities will help to stimulate young minds. Activities include mazes and spot the difference. Appropriate for children 3 and up.                               
This coloring book introduces kids to many kinds of animals. Kids will have fun learning and coloring these kid friendly animal images.          
Get rid of those single sheet of paper and recipes cards. Store all of your favorite recipes in one place. Includes an index so you can record and easily find your recipes.
This is the year you have devoted to taking control of your health. Which includes eating better and staying fit. This Stick With It journal is a way for you to keep track of your diet including calorie counts, fat, carbs, protein etc. 
Children will love this coloring book. These Bible based images can also be used to start a discussion about events that took place in the Bible. This is coloring fun for the entire family!
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